Guy Van Neck

EdTech Innovation Entrepreneur | Customer Experience Specialist | Founder MobieTrain

Julie Scherpenseel

Young ICT Lady of the Year 2020 | Empowering businesses with AI at ML6

Yin Oei

Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) at Living Tomorrow - Creating the future together with our partners.

Bert Brugghemans

Leading Antwerp Fire Service 

Working on societal continuity and normal chaos - thinks global, acts locally

Dewi Van De Vyver

CEO Flow Pilots, ICT Woman of the Year 2020 "Empowered women, empower women"

John Baekelmans

CEO/ Chief Executive Officer

@ Technologiebedrijf Rombit

Rob Van Dun

CEO/medeoprichter van technologisch groeibedrijf Calculus. 

Steven Van Bellegem

International Keynote Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur (founder of Nexxworks, partner of Intracto, investor Hello Customer)